Carrie Underwood jumps on Golden Knights bandwagon

  • Carrie Underwood jumps on Golden Knights bandwagon

Carrie Underwood jumps on Golden Knights bandwagon

Carrie Underwood is sharing new details about her fall that resulted in 40-50 stitches to her face and surgery for a broken wrist.

"Thank you", Underwood, 35, said with a smile. It could happen to anybody", she told Kotb, adding: "I say if I would have fallen anywhere else, it wouldn't have been a problem.

"It could happen to anybody", Carrie told Hoda Kotb during an interview on the Today show.

"I feel like people relate to it because it's like, 'Oh man, sometimes you just do have to let it out, '" explains Underwood. "It just wasn't pretty". Underwood wrote on Twitter, per The Hollywood Reporter, though she didn't reveal at the time that she had suffered an injury to her face.

Carrie Underwood does not feel safe in her current house with husband Mike Fisher months after the freak accident that injured her face and wrist.

"I've a devoted workforce of pros who can spackle and paint and paste", she additionally advised Kotb, including, "Day by day I'm feeling slightly extra again to regular". Watch more with the pair below.

"I used to be taking the canine out to go pee one final time, and I simply - I tripped", she stated throughout an interview with iHeartRadio's The Bobby Bones Present.

Country music superstar Carrie Underwood looks to be one of the newest passengers on the Vegas Golden Knights bandwagon as it heads into the Western Conference Final. "I'm going to be like, 'I love you so much.' We'll see how it goes". "I feel like my auto kind of is, which I know people can still see you and they probably have seen me at a stoplight or something and are like, 'What's that insane lady doing over there?'" She also noted that her "wrist is nearly back to normal, about [90 percent] there. and my face has been healing pretty nicely as well".

Underwood shared the first photo of her face since the injury in April. Carrie appreciates all the compliments, but credits her beauty team with successfully covering up the deep cut. She had warned fans that she "might look a bit different", but her appearance wasn't noticeably changed. "When I'm singing a song, it's like I'm in the music and I'm right there living it".