Ben Simmons Told Joel Embiid They'll Win a 'Lot of Rings'

  • Ben Simmons Told Joel Embiid They'll Win a 'Lot of Rings'

Ben Simmons Told Joel Embiid They'll Win a 'Lot of Rings'

As for coming back next season, Redick hinted strongly that he will return.

The Sixers lost Game 5 of their Eastern Conference playoff series to the Boston Celtics Wednesday, 114-112.

Boston was outscored by eight points during the third, but Brown's 11-point effort kept them hanging onto a one-point lead entering the fourth quarter. "It takes more than one guy". And it could continue for a while.

Flash forward to Wednesday night and the Sixers' season has ended at the hands of the Celtics, the same team that ruined their trip across the pond. Fultz returned in time for the final 10 games of the season. If anything keeps Brown up for nights to come, it will be the realization of that gap. "We have potential, we can go as far as they'll take us". "I am sure we all hope I am back". I think (general manager) Danny (Ainge) and (coach) Brad (Stevens) are fantastic. When asked about the Sixers' motto, "Trust The Process", Walls added: "If your team is up or down, you are there for them, win or lose". No NBA team has ever rebounded from a 3-0 deficit in a best-of-seven series.

"He's incredible", Brown said of Covington. "It ends up the way it always ends up". It's a fine place to be, especially when you have a nine-figure contract already in your back pocket. "That was my message to the players".

In the playoffs for the first time since 2012, the Sixers won 20 out of 21 games, before they ran into the Boston buzzsaw losing three straight in the semifinals. He is one of two favorites for the Rookie of the Year Award along with Donovan Mitchell of the Jazz.

"It's hard to play here", he said.

It's not so much even about the points he is scoring from the outside that makes this new-found range so important, it's that he is forcing the opposition big, in Philly's case; Joel Embiid, to come out of the paint and defend his outside shot. But the ending was unforgettable for a better reason for one young Sixers die-hard. To a point, it worked.

He also added, "I think there's something to be said for continuity". "He is taking the challenge defensively, he is our rim protector every night and I'm just so happy for him to see him have success at this level". I have a long way to go. "Me and Ben [Simmons], we have a lot of room to grow. I'm grateful for the opportunity".

Simmons sat out the 2016-2017 National Basketball Association season due to a foot injury and exploded onto the scene this year, averaging 15.8 points, 8.1 rebounds and 8.2 assists per game.

He believes that is possible ... and likely.

Philly fans chanted "T.J., T.J." for the guard, who said, "It was a pretty special moment, but I was trying to do anything I could to get us a win. The guys that BC brought in helped us tremendously".