Disney teases possibility of more 'Avengers' movies

  • Disney teases possibility of more 'Avengers' movies

Disney teases possibility of more 'Avengers' movies

With Avengers 4, Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige promised us something we've "never seen in superhero films: a finale".

Paul Bettany has been part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe from its inception, first providing the voice for Tony Stark's A.I. assistant JARVIS in 2008's "Iron Man", before finally stepping in front of the camera as the android Avenger Vision in 2015's "Age of Ultron".

Marvel Studios could launch a new Avengers franchise. But now Disney's CEO Bob Iger is whistling a different tune. Most of the movie is already filmed.

Infinity War has earned north of $1.1 billion worldwide to date, pushing the MCU's total box office take to more than $16 billion. Just what properties will step in to fill the void that's left by the early phases, however, remains to be seen. I don't only believe this film serves as a good entry point.

Marvel has movies mapped out into the next decade, Iger said, including Ant-Man and Wasp, Ms. Marvel, and Avengers 4, in that order.

It all makes sense to us after we watched the Infinity War that a guy who can control all Infinity stones won't be easy to take down even in Fortnite.

Both Marvel movies face a new challenge later this month, however.

In fact, that commitment to the brutal ending of watching half of the earth disintegrate (including every single new MCU character) nearly kept us from any post-credit scene at all. "This is never, ever going to work.' We went back to the drawing board and kind of reworked it in a way about wanting to have a child, which is something that so many people I know experience on a daily basis - wanting to have a child but can't", he said.

While we're still here wallowing in the events of Avengers: Infinity War, Marvel's taskmasters Disney are looking forwards to the future of the MCU.

"I think the outstanding performance is nothing short of stellar", she said, adding "there is one difference in this movie ... that's the size of the cast".

His big claim to fame is the fact that he's only capable of saying three words, "I am Groot", that other characters can inexplicably understand as full English sentences.

Fortunately, fans far and wide speculate that Groot and the other characters lost to Thanos will not be gone for long as the untitled "Avengers 4" hits theaters in 2019 and several of the characters have been confirmed for new standalone movies. Disney/Marvel also has the following dates reserved for untitled Marvel movies: May 1, 2020; July 31, 2020; November 6, 2020; May 7, 2021; July 30, 2021; November 5, 2021; February 18, 2022; May 6, 2022; and July 29, 2022.