Google Completely Revamps Google News for iOS, Android, Web

  • Google Completely Revamps Google News for iOS, Android, Web

Google Completely Revamps Google News for iOS, Android, Web

With the increasing commoditization of hardware and software, artificial intelligence (AI) has become the next big battleground for the major tech giants.

To further improve access to hearing impaired, Google's new ability will be able to segregate overlapping voices from TV debates to make sense of the conversation for someone who is trying to read through the subtitles. Over 40 vehicle brands have got Google Assistant for in-car infotainment.

"News is core to our mission" said Sundar Pichai, chief executive, at the company's annual developer conference in Silicon Valley. Google have committed $300 million over the next three years to improve the news we see. Google Research will now be called Google AI, and the company is wasting no time (none!) in putting all their dollars - of which they have several - behind computer learning.

There you can sign up to the Android P Beta program. For example, if you order food through Assistant the Google app will show pictures of the menu along with the map for the delivery address and the bill. We use ML to start suggesting phrases as you type. This feature will be available on Android by summer, company leaders said, and on iOS later this year. Through Android Dashboard, you'll be also manually able to configure custom timers for applications and monitor your past usage for all the installed applications. There are large images and videos to make the app more engaging.

"The phone is adapting to me and trying to help me get to my next task more quickly", Burke said in the keynote.

Have a peek at the timeline below for a few Feature Spotlights for Android P. We'll be continuing to explore Android P throughout the day and the week - and well into the future as well, of course! For exact availability, look for announcements from the various OEMs. There are over 1,000 magazine tiles in a mobile optimized reading format.

Android enthusiasts looking to try out Android P should get their devices ready, as the first Android P public beta is about to roll out. Some of the notable mentions are the Android P, and more.

The feature called "smart compose" uses machine learning to offer suggested ways to finish sentences users start typing. From your doctor's office to the vehicle you call to take you home, AI and Machine Learning are going to work behind the scenes and make the tasks you do every day feel like magic. Smart text selection lets you copy and paste text from the real world to your phone. You can also now long press places you are interested in to add it to a shareable shortlist that can be viewed by friends and family.

Facebook Inc, Inc, Microsoft Corp and other big technology companies also are vying to provide artificial intelligence, including through virtual voice assistants, to help users manage photos, emails, schedules and more.