Here's how Amazon's Alexa will work with Microsoft's Cortana

  • Here's how Amazon's Alexa will work with Microsoft's Cortana

Here's how Amazon's Alexa will work with Microsoft's Cortana

At first, the resulting partnership solution seemed like a convoluted way to access data from either Microsoft's Cortana agent or Amazon's wildly popular Alexa assistant. That's a small price to pay for the integration of both digital assistants you work and play with almost every day, right? Microsoft at the Build 2018 conference, finally, showed off Cortana-Alexa integration in action. For example, Alexa customers would be able to access Cortana's productivity features, like booking meetings, accessing work calendars, or reading work emails. She uses Alexa to add milk to her shopping list which is a natural thing as it is an Amazon Alexa powered smart speaker but the next thing she did was ask Alexa to "open Cortana".

The assistant integration is the fruit of a partnership that began previous year, when the two companies announced the intent to make their two assistants compatible. In addition to LOVE SPORT's core listener base in the United Kingdom, the shows will also be available to Alexa and Google Assistant users in Australia, Canada, India and the U.S.

The seed for this collaboration was planted at Microsoft's CEO Summit back in 2016, and executives acknowledged after the Alexa-Cortana announcement the possibility of future partnerships. "How can I help?" Microsoft will also allow this cross-platform feature for Alexa on Cortana. "We both have experience with light rings, although hers is more of a Halo".

If you're feeling Sithy, ask you can also tell Alexa to "come to the Dark Side", or inform the chatty assistant, "Alexa: I'm your father". On Windows 10 PCs, Alexa shows up in the same interface as Cortana does.

The integration is still in private beta, Microsoft said Monday, and does not have a public launch date.

The integration looks like a great first step, though we'd love to see more ways to have the user invoke either assistant, and perhaps even have them proactively "interject" based on the query.