Almost Dead Kinect Takes Rebirth As Project Kinect For Azure

  • Almost Dead Kinect Takes Rebirth As Project Kinect For Azure

Almost Dead Kinect Takes Rebirth As Project Kinect For Azure

Microsoft at its annual Build conference for developers announced a $25 million initiative tasked with using artificial intelligence to better the lives of people with disabilities. The branding also includes things like the Microsoft launcher for Android, Your Phone app that works with iOS and Android, Edge on iOS and Android; the umbrella brand stretches far and wide across the Microsoft landscape. The project is a package of sensors and cognitive services with "onboard compute" to improve insights and operations.The company also announced updates to Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Cosmos DB, the Bot Framework and previewed Project Brainwave for deep neural network processing on Azure and the edge.

But more importantly, the company is branding it as a "comprehensive development platform", this is a notable change from previous years when the company would say this about Windows. The goal, Microsoft says, is to offer developers the custom tools to be more productive in fields like agriculture, construction, and public safety. Microsoft is also expected to roll out the Redstone 5 release by the end of this year.

In fact, last year's Build conference was strictly for developers with CEO, Satya Nadella jumping right into Azure from the beginning of his keynote.

Instead, it's created to integrate with the Microsoft Azure cloud computing service.

DJI, the world's leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, and Microsoft have announced a strategic partnership to bring advanced AI and machine learning capabilities to DJI drones, helping businesses harness the power of commercial drone technology and edge cloud computing.

In the red-hot area of containers, Microsoft said that its Azure Kubernetes Service - which enables developers to more easily build and run solutions based on containers - will be generally available in the next few weeks. There could also be new developments around Microsoft 365 and Visual Studio IDE. Keep in mind that developers need to update their apps to support Timeline, so not every Windows app that is also available on Android will be visible on Timeline. In addition, the new Windows Machine Learning platform will let developers create machine-learning models in the cloud, and deploy them offline to Windows. Microsoft is developing a "Your Phone" experience which will allow you to access data on your phone from your PC, so you'll be able to access your text messages, or quickly drag a photo from your phone to your PC as well.