Galaxy S10 might launch as early as Jan to accommodate foldable phone

The Bell also found that Samsung informed its partners that the new sensor will be launched with the Galaxy S10. The reports, however, haven't revealed much until the latest report from The Bell which suggests the device might be unveiled as early as in February during MWC. Thus we can expect Samsung Galaxy S10 to launch in March in 2019 as well. According to a new report by The Bell, a prominent source for all Samsung leaks ahead of time, Samsung seems to have started work on next year's Galaxy S10 and the codename "Beyond" is a hint at the device being future-proof. The novelty will present in the coming months along with the Galaxy A6.

After launching Galaxy A6 and Galaxy A6 Plus smartphones, Samsung could be launching the Galaxy J6 smartphone too.

As per the reports Galaxy S10 has a codename called Beyond.

In the same line, "Beyond" has something to do with the Galaxy S10 boasting of abilities which are beyond anything on the market at the moment.

In terms of the actual phone's name, while we've tentatively named this article the "Galaxy S10", there's no guarantee that's what Samsung's next generation of S-range phone will be named. The company did not go into particulars, which is unfortunate because we would expect improvements in nearly any new version. It's a clever thought and the Galaxy X could be really great if Samsung figures out how to utilize a collapsing OLED board so there's no crease where the pivot is set.

The dust has barely settled on the Samsung Galaxy S9's launch, but there's no rest for the wicked.

By offering in-display fingerprint scanner, Samsung Galaxy S10 will certainly be one of the few handsets with such advanced technology.

Samsung is supposedly working with Mantis Vision to create the software required for enabling 3D face scanning technology. Another feature expected in the S10 phone is a 3D sensing module.

While the Galaxy S9 is an impressive beast, the front-facing face-sensing tech on the front of the camera might be its weakest area.