Your #sunset photos might have helped improve Facebook's AI

  • Your #sunset photos might have helped improve Facebook's AI

Your #sunset photos might have helped improve Facebook's AI

So instead of starting off with the images, Facebook had to work on the hashtags with the "pre-training" research that is focused on developing systems to find out and pick the commonly used ones. As it is the most popular video and photo sharing site it is ought to have some new and improved features to help enable have a new and improved experience. And the engineers also foresee "using AI to better understand video footage or to change how an image is ranked in Facebook feeds", or to "improve the way we resurface Memories on Facebook".

From a sticker of one's new favourite song on Spotify to action shots from GoPro, it's now easy to share what one is up to or how they are feeling by posting directly to Instagram Stories from other apps.

The firm is also rolling out new interactive camera effects, and has overhauled its Explore tab to organize content into 'topic channels'.

In 2017, Instagram had announced an offensive comment filter, which would automatically hide toxic and divisive comments, particularly those aimed at at-risk groups. With this move, Instagram is playing catch-up to its social rival Snapchat, which released a video chat feature - that lets up to 16 people video chat at once - in April.

'That means you turn any video into a National Basketball Association dunkcam or add a cloud of hearts and Pomeranians to fluff up your photo, ' Instagram says.

Various camera effects are also going to be added to make you look great.

With so many hashtags, Facebook had to come up with a system to clean up what users had submitted and to do the same at scale.

With the redesigned Explore tab, users will be able to curate what they see on the app, including suggested photos and videos, based on their interests. Using a subset of that dataset, Facebook was able to label 85.4 percent of photos correctly, the highest level the company has achieved to date.

The Explore page will feature buttons at the top of the page that are labeled by interest, which users can swipe through to view more tabs.

Sharing of the stories will be changed. You don't have to connect your Instagram account to other apps in order to share to Stories'. Video chat is testing now and will roll out globally soon.

GoPro integration is also just as simple.

'From there you can edit and add to your story or send it via Direct.

More apps will soon support the feature as well.