Foldable Galaxy X's Release Date Finally Coming Into Focus

  • Foldable Galaxy X's Release Date Finally Coming Into Focus

Foldable Galaxy X's Release Date Finally Coming Into Focus

In some foreign media published an information that since the presentation of the smartphone Galaxy S9, Samsung has worked tirelessly to create a Galaxy S10, code-named Beyond. All in all, we can expect an fantastic camera, sleek looking, new Galaxy phone by Samsung with better battery & improved performance.

In terms of the actual phone's name, while we've tentatively named this article the "Galaxy S10", there's no guarantee that's what Samsung's next generation of S-range phone will be named.

South Korean news website The Bell, which carries a glowing track record when reporting on Samsung leaks and unannounced plans, reported that the Galaxy S10 codename is "Beyond".

The Galaxy S10 will be distinctly different from its predecessors; the company might finally introduce much-awaited in-display fingerprint sensor (FOD) with the Galaxy S10 this year followed by Galaxy Note 9 as well, the report suggests. And, if the latest rumors bear out, 2019 could prove to be a big year for Samsung's mobile division. Samsung is all set to launch Galaxy S10 on its 10th anniversary, making it a trendsetter for the company.

Here is news that shouldn't be all that surprising to anyone who's paid attention to past rumours regarding Samsung's fabled foldable smartphone.

The report notes that a foldable Galaxy phone was shown privately to partners at CES this year.

Samsung is also said to be interested in adding a 3D sensing module to the S10 although The Bell seems uncertain as to if it'll make the cut.

Samsung's patent abstract says, "A display apparatus includes: a display panel; a deformation sensor configured to sense a bending of the display panel; and a controller configured to control the display panel". Samsung usually gives a codename to each of its premium handsets.