Wimbledon 2018: Serena Williams' seeding to be discussed

  • Wimbledon 2018: Serena Williams' seeding to be discussed

Wimbledon 2018: Serena Williams' seeding to be discussed

The 34 million pound figure also includes 2.25 million pounds each for the men's and women's champions.

Players who participate between rounds one to four are paid £39,000, which is £4,000 more than in 2017.

This year, however, she will likely face the return of seven-time victor Serena Williams, who won in 216 but was unable to defend her crown because of pregnancy last time around. But in order to dissuade players from competing while carrying a proper injury there will be a new rule giving 50 per cent of prize money to those volunteering to make a late withdrawal, splitting it with whoever takes their place.

The move is aimed at preventing a repeat of the rash of retirements in early action a year ago.

A number of first-round withdrawals at last year's championship led to a desire for a new rule to be set in place, with the "50:50" system to be used this year.

"We were very influential in the creation and introduction of the 50:50 rule".

"Sustainability is an important and necessary area of focus, particularly for major events", Wimbledon chief executive Richard Lewis said. The biggest increase was for the first round losers: from $47,000 to $53,000, which is bigger than the other three Slams, including US Open that gives $50,000.

Along with an increase in prize money, Wimbledon announced that they are halting the use of the shot clock while also disagreeing with the topic of in-match coaching.

"We aren't totally convinced yet", said Lewis.

The problems stem from too many players in the lower reaches, such as the Futures and Challenger circuits, not earning enough to make a living, coupled with the rise of online betting.

In a bid to speed up match times, the tournament will enforce a seven-minute gap between players walking on court and the start of play. The discussions we've had with the ITF, we are not a million miles apart (on what level should be recognised as professional).