Upcoming 6.1 inch cheaper iPhone to lack 3D Touch

  • Upcoming 6.1 inch cheaper iPhone to lack 3D Touch

Upcoming 6.1 inch cheaper iPhone to lack 3D Touch

There's a catch. This tech isn't likely to appear until the 2019 iPhone release.

As per Kuo, the new 6.1-inch iPhone will utilize something many refer to as Cover Glass Sensor (CGS) innovation which will allegedly enable the display to be lighter and more effect safe.

Apple is rumored to launch three new iPhone models in 2018 which is interesting but a latest rumor also suggest that one of the model will be lacking 3D Touch feature which is quite a bit disappointing. Furthermore, users are reporting that the 3D Touch functionality is not working properly with the now available iPhone 8. However, recently some new details have been reported about the upcoming 6.1-inch iPhone, which shows that it apparently might lack the 3D Touch. Zhang says that the larger 6.5-inch OLED model will be positioned at a far higher price.

But there's a downside. This launch comes halfway through Apple's iPhone cycle as the next batch of iPhones is expected to be launched in September 2018. Also, with Apple ditching 3D touch, the cost of the new iPhones should drop significantly which will benefit the customers.

The new display supposedly would increase the costs to in between 23 dollars and 26 dollars. To keep the costs low, Apple might ditch 3D Touch. Nevertheless, a small number of 3D Touch users were found to yet swear by the feature, remarking as to how useful it is especially at the time of using the keyboard in iOS that could be pressed to call up a cursor for simpler text editing.

Apple first introduced 3D Touch with the iPhone 6S in 2015, and at the time most of the reviews raved about the feature. The feature never took off, it was morely seen as a gimmick. Apple wants to implement the CGS technology in all future iPhones, which means that 3D Touch could be removed from iPhones altogether in the future.

Analysts are of the opinion that removal of 3D Touch in favor of CGS display is not a good idea.