Twin blasts in Afghan capital kill at least 26, including nine journalists

  • Twin blasts in Afghan capital kill at least 26, including nine journalists

Twin blasts in Afghan capital kill at least 26, including nine journalists

"This act of terrorism targeting journalists also shows that Afghanistan, despite being the world's most unsafe country for journalists for many years, has not done enough to ensure the safety of journalists", he said. Sabawoon Kakar, an RFE cameraman, died within the hospital from his accidents.

It's believed that media workers were targeted, Interior Ministry spokesman Najib Danesh told the news outlet, because the second suicide bomber accessed the area by showing police a press pass. "Our thoughts and our condolences go out to his family and the families of the other journalists killed", said AFP chairman Fabrice Fries.

The attack, claimed by the Islamic State group, is condemned internationally by groups including the United Nations and the European Union. ISIS did not provide any evidence for the claim. There were 22 women and eight children among the fatalities.

In a statement, the news agency's chairman Fabrice Fries said that Marai was "a great photographer" and a "wonderful person" who covered traumatising events with "sensitivity and professionalism".

AFP said the death of its "treasured colleague" was "a devastating blow".

"We extend our deepest condolences to the families, friends, and colleagues of all the victims, including a number of fearless journalists among the dead and injured", it said, adding that "where media are in danger, all other human rights are under greater threat".

Wahid Majroh, spokesman for the public health ministry, says 20 other people were wounded in the attack.

The chief photographer for the French AFP News Agency, Shah Marai, has been killed in a suicide blast in Kabul.

TOLOnews also reported that its cameraman, Yar Mohammad Tokhi, who had worked for the company for 12 years, was among those who were killed in the attack.

He is survived by six children, including a daughter born only a few weeks ago.

"I do not dare to take my youngsters for a stroll".

"I rarely put my name on my photos at the time, I just signed them "stringer", so as not to draw unwanted attention to myself".

IS claimed twin bombings in Kabul on Monday that killed 25 people, including nine reporters. I can't take the risk. The militant group said the intelligence services headquarters had been the target.

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi has denounced twin terrorist bombings in the Afghanistan's capital of Kabul, urging the global community's strict measures to counter terrorism. Killing journalists is an attack on freedom of expression. "We mourn for those murdered, including the courageous journalists who stand for truth in the face of violence".

In a separate incident on Monday, a suicide attack killed at least 11 children in an attack on a foreign military convoy in Kandahar, southern Afghanistan. The suicide bomber had targeted a convoy of Romanian soldiers. 5 of them have been injured within the blast. Afghan security forces have struggled to combat the Taliban and an Islamic State affiliate.

But following a brief period of relative calm, the war in Afghanistan has grown devastatingly violent in recent years. Last week, six people, including two Afghan soldiers, were killed in a auto bombing in Helmand province.

The attacks, a week after 60 people were killed as they waited at a voter registration centre in the city, underlined mounting insecurity despite repeated government pledges to tighten defences. 45 others were injured. It also included disgruntled Afghan Taliban fighters opposed to their leadership's attempts to rein in violence and pursue peace efforts.