Russian Federation investigation wraps up but Dems keep digging

  • Russian Federation investigation wraps up but Dems keep digging

Russian Federation investigation wraps up but Dems keep digging

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) blasted the way the Russian Federation investigation has been handled compared to how the Hillary Clinton email probe was investigated by the FBI.

Former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson says he was "very concerned" that fired FBI Director James Comey's decision to brief President Trump on salacious details from an opposition research dossier might have been interpreted by Mr. Trump as a threat.

"We're talking about providing a document to a court to get a warrant on an American citizen".

"I have serious doubts about his credibility", Mr. Comey said.

The president called out Comey during a rally in MI over the weekend, saying he was dishonest about his actions in the run-up of the Mueller probe.

After meeting him, he said he was further disturbed by Trump's expressed lack of concern about protecting the country as his top duty.

"I hope she'll read it, and see that it's not about the investigation", he said.

Correct", Comey responded. "And sometimes people who have serious credibility problems can tell the truth when they realize that the consequences of not telling the truth in an interview or in the grand jury would be dire. Moreover Comey did not have the power to prevent a prosecutor taking up the Clinton email case, but no prosecutor came forward as there was no basis to prosecute. They beat it with a hammer and bleached it out and nobody went to jail.

Rios, a conservative veteran of Washington, D.C. politics, says the so-called "Deep State" is actively working against the Trump administration from within the federal government, and she suspects that the heavily redacted information is part of that effort.

"I was very concerned when I heard the plan for the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation to one-on-one brief Mr. Trump about this dossier", Johnson told CBS News' Margaret Brennan on "Face the Nation" on Sunday.