Bill Cosby: I'm Mentally Preparing Myself For Prison

  • Bill Cosby: I'm Mentally Preparing Myself For Prison

Bill Cosby: I'm Mentally Preparing Myself For Prison

Two weeks ago, a ruling came down in the criminal trial of Bill Cosby: Yes, excerpts from the 2005 deposition, in which Cosby said he obtained Quaaludes to use in his encounters with the young women he wanted to pursue sexually, would be admissible in trial.

Snyder, who said the case against Cosby was not open and shut, said he was unaware of #MeToo.

In the deposition from the 2005 civil lawsuit filed by Constand, Cosby described giving drugs, including the sedative Quaaludes, and alcohol to women before sex, hosting Constand at his home and a slew of other acts.

The Philadelphia-area jury that convicted Bill Cosby of sexual assault charges last week says it found chief accuser Andrea Constand to be "credible and compelling". "He was a free man, but I remember when we met him at Robben Island where he had been in a prison for all of those years", Cosby recounted.

"I really didn't know a lot", he said. "I never watched The Cosby Show, I'm a little too young for that".

Snyder also said he was unfamiliar with the television show that vaulted Cosby to the status of, as Janice Dickinson put it on the stand, "America's dad".

Kristen Feden and Stewart Ryan spoke to The Associated Press on Sunday about the almost three-year journey from reopening the case to last Thursday's verdict and how they restructured their approach after last year's hung jury. His publicist has declared his conviction a "public lynching", and his lawyers have vowed to appeal. "Not once were race or the #MeToo movement ever discussed, nor did either factor into our decision".

NBC's Today show said Monday the Cosby jury issued a statement saying its decision was not influenced in any way by factors other than what was seen and heard in the courtroom.

Meanwhile, the jury forewoman released a statement to say that the verdict was based exclusively on the evidence. The comedian seems to compare his sexual assault trial and conviction and possible upcoming prison time with the experience of political prisoner Nelson Mandela. "I just tell them, if you were there, you would say the same thing, you'd say he's guilty".

Prosecutors started thinking about a retrial as last year's deliberations wore on for six days, Ryan said.

Following the guilty verdict at the retrial, Cosby was ordered to remain in his home until a sentence is handed down.

Due to his old age, Cosby could be assigned to one or more of the Department of Corrections' 500 trained peer support specialists, who would help the star adjust to prison life and serve as a guide to the first-time inmate.

Feden, who worked out a deal to stay as a special prosecutor after leaving for private practice, said she felt "that needed to be exposed".