BIBI'S BOMBSHELL: Israeli PM 'HAS EVIDENCE' Iran Violating Nuclear Deal

  • BIBI'S BOMBSHELL: Israeli PM 'HAS EVIDENCE' Iran Violating Nuclear Deal

BIBI'S BOMBSHELL: Israeli PM 'HAS EVIDENCE' Iran Violating Nuclear Deal

Netanyahu added another bit of drama in his presentation on Monday, just days after meeting new Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, an Iran hawk who has long criticized the deal.

"US's plan is to provoke some ignorant govts. with little knowledge, in our own region, to confront the Islamic Republic", he says.

Trump has threatened to withdraw from the agreement reached between Iran and global powers, which granted Tehran relief from worldwide economic sanctions in return for curbs to its nuclear program.

Mark Zell, who heads Republicans in Israel, told WIN that Pompeo does not represent a new United States policy direction.

DONALD Trump has claimed he was "100 per cent right" to be wary of a deal with Iran after the country was accused of "brazen lies" over secret nuclear weapons.

"Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will make a statement on a significant development regarding the nuclear agreement with Iran", the statement said.

Russian Federation and other European countries have repeatedly spoken in favor of the preservation of the agreement. "They said, "Great, we will support you if you get the fixes".

In the series of tweets Monday, the Ayatollah said the United States planned to provoke "ignorant" governments, an apparent swipe at Saudi Arabia.

Netanyahu's presentation, delivered on live TV from Israeli military headquarters in Tel Aviv, was his latest attempt to sway global opinion on the nuclear deal.

"W$3 hen Iranian officials claim - as they often do - that Iran [never had] a nuclear weapons program, they were lying", James Acton, co-director of the nuclear policy program at the Carnegie Endowment, tweeted.

How was the 2015 deal meant to work?

Iran says it will resist any efforts to disarm it.

"Israel is committed to enforcing and holding its red lines", Oren said. It is an arms dealer to the Houthi rebels in Yemen.

Mr Pompeo said the White House was "deeply concerned about Iran's risky escalation of threats towards Israel and the region". Iran's nuclear chief also warned that the country was prepared to enrich uranium at even higher levels than before the deal, should the accord fall apart.

The statement appeared to serve as a warning.

Britain, France and Germany back the deal as the best way of stopping Tehran getting nuclear weapons, but have called on Iran to limit its regional influence and curb the missile programme.

The Knesset voted late Monday in favor of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's request to grant him the authority to declare war with only the defense minister's approval in extreme situations.

Reactions were mixed to Netanyahu's address, with many nuclear experts saying the intelligence confirmed what had been known when the nuclear deal was signed.