Tripura CM regrets controversial remarks on Diana Hayden

  • Tripura CM regrets controversial remarks on Diana Hayden

Tripura CM regrets controversial remarks on Diana Hayden

Deb further added that "for Indians, Goddess Laxmi and Saraswati exemplify beauty". Indians did not use shampoo, they washed their hair with methi water and bathed with mud. On Thursday, he drew criticism for saying that worldwide businessmen had taken "undue advantage" of Indians winning beauty pageants to market their products in the country. Rasing the question on the selection process for global beauty pageants, Deb said such events are run by cosmetics giants with an aim to capture developing markets in countries like India. For five consecutive years, we won the Miss World/Miss Universe awards. "Anybody who participated was crowned, even Diana Hayden got it". "Do you think she should have won the title?"

Diana Hayden slammed the Tripura Chief Minister for questioning her win at the Miss World pageant in 1997, saying it is "hurtful" as it exposes how Indians stigmatise the brown skin when in fact they should be proud of it. The CM who recently said that the internet existed even in the Mahabharata times, went through another bout of foot-in-mouth. In an interview with India Today she said that the CM's statement shows his bias against women with brown skin. Diana Hayden did not deserve to win the Miss World Crown.

"The chief minister made the remark on Diana Hayden in the context of how global cosmetic companies fix the outcome of beauty pageants to capture the market in a particular country".

Deb was in Agartala, capital of India's northeast state Tripura, to attend a workshop on handlooms when he made the remark and launched an attack on the fashion industry.

Deb also said civil service officers should be all-rounders as "people who are expert in all disciplines have the highest demand". He, in fact, praised Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, who became Miss World in 1994, and said she has the essence of the beauty of Indian women. "It is this country where communication was possible because we then had technology, Internet was there; so was the satellite communication system".

"That's some strong disapproval of me winning the Miss World title", Diana said in a statement.