Saquon Barkley humble but determined at intro presser

  • Saquon Barkley humble but determined at intro presser

Saquon Barkley humble but determined at intro presser

Jerry Reese made a number of solid decisions, but his borderline refusal to upgrade the running game or offensive line continuously held NY back.

It diversifies the Giants' offense under Manning, adding a star runner to complement the star receiver Odell Beckham Jr., while alleviating the transition of Manning's eventual successor.

"I think that's why I was brought here, to bring an impact to the running game, to have that same domination that I had in college where a team wants to just shut me down, and then it just opens up everyone else", said Barkley, who had 53 total touchdowns in three years with the Nittany Lions.

The New York Giants came away with what many observers considered the best player in the NFL Draft.

He arrives as a rookie in name only, as his stardom is already established - his No. 26 Giants jersey is already a top-seller - and his new team did nothing to hush the hype when general manager Dave Gettleman said of Barkley, "It's like he was touched by the hand of God". "He kept telling me he wished he knew the things he knew now at my age, and I'm going to learn from the great things he did and the mistakes he made and try to improve on myself and make myself a better person and a better player for this franchise". And more than a few Penn State fans will likely be wearing some Giants blue in the coming weeks.

"On the field I am a completely different person than I am off the field", Hernandez said.

He started all 49 games in his career, earning distinction as an AP second-team All-American in both 2016 and 2017. I'm a friendly guy. Especially, in the Locker room. And myself, God willing, if I can have the success that I had college football, I think I would fit ideal in this offense. I love talking football, I love hanging out with the guys. I'm willing to do anything for my teammates. The second overall selection in the draft, he was the first running back chosen that high since Reggie Bush in 2006.

Before moving outside Allentown, Pa., Barkley grew up in the Bronx, where he cheered for the Jets, whose logo is tattooed in red on his father's forearm and who might have been his ideal destination. "If he does half of what he did there, he'll still be great".