Russia chided for "obscene masquerade" on alleged Syria chemical attack

  • Russia chided for

Russia chided for "obscene masquerade" on alleged Syria chemical attack

The U.S., United Kingdom and France have launched over 100 missiles on what they have deemed to be chemical weapons facilities since April 14 in response to alleged chemical attacks by the Syrian government in Douma. Patients who visited the hospital suffering from asphyxiation had inhaled only smoke and dust. Nor any traces of chemical ammunition have been identified.

Even more intriguing, as pointed out by Russian Federation, another world power that has been present in the region and has worked to help drive out ISIS, is the fact that global inspectors were set to investigate the claims of usage of chemical weapons that Saturday.

Russian Federation is a key ally of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

The suspected chemical attack took place on April 7, leaving at least 78 civilians dead, according to the White Helmets, a local civil defense agency.

Those nations headed by the United States, accused the Syrian government of carrying out the supposed chemical attack in the city of Duma, region of Eastern Ghouta, east of Damascus, false accusation rejected in a reiterative way by Syrian authorities.

It has advised the Russian delegation that "these persons should be first interviewed" by the inspectors who are now in Damascus. The Trump Administration has sought to reduce the American footprint in Syria while remaining diligent to the use of any chemical weapons by the Assad Regime.

Although it contradicts the Russian claim that no gas was used anywhere in Douma, and the images from the hospital were fabricated by the White Helmets at the direction of British intelligence, video of Nuseir's AP interview was obtained and posted online by Press TV, an English-language channel owned by Syria's ally Iran.

Russian Federation was slammed for refuting the chemical attack, pointing to 11-year-old Hassan Diab's testimony. "We got scared. We went to the hospital through the tunnel", the boy said, in line with what his dad said moments before him. I don't know why.

There were people unknown to us who were filming the emergency care, they were filming the chaos taking place inside, and were filming people being doused with water.

"Little Hassan is an eyewitness today, an extremely important witness", Shulgin said, speaking through an interpreter.

His father, Omar Diab, said: "The children were taken without explanation". "I imagine that U.S. -Russia relations will survive this, and that Assad will survive this", said Shannon.

The United States and its allies were not convinced.

The team took samples during the visit to Douma.

We're going back home, and see no problem with that.

"Photographs and videos, numerous and mutually reinforcing, have been authenticated", the statement read.

Aid workers and medics confirmed the symptoms shown by the citizens were synonymous to that of a gas attack.

The OPCW said it had urged the Russian delegation to allow its experts to interview the witnesses first, and to hold the briefing "once the FFM has completed its work".

The Syrian government has denied the allegations and called it fake news. In Hajar Al Aswad and Yarmouk, a Palestinian refugee camp, both now under the control of ISIS, there was fierce fighting a week into a regime offensive to shore up security around the capital.

The European Union has imposed ever-tighter sanctions on the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, including on the export of several chemicals.