Home Secretary Amber Rudd is refusing to resign over the Windrush scandal

  • Home Secretary Amber Rudd is refusing to resign over the Windrush scandal

Home Secretary Amber Rudd is refusing to resign over the Windrush scandal

"As Home Secretary I will work to ensure that our immigration policy is fair and humane", she added.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd is refusing to resign despite a series of damaging leaks relating to the Windrush scandal which has placed her record at the Home Office under heavy scrutiny.

Grilled by MPs on reports that there were targets, she told the committee "we don't have targets for removals", adding "that's not how we operate".

"I wasn't aware of specific removal targets", Rudd tweeted late on Friday.

The memo, seen by the Guardian, was reportedly sent by the head of the Home Office's Immigration Enforcement agency, Hugh Ind, to Ms Rudd and Brandon Lewis among other senior officials and civil servants.

An explosive memo has emerged which suggests Amber Rudd was told about illegal immigrant removal targets, despite telling MPs otherwise.

A defiant Amber Rudd was clinging on as Home Secretary on Friday night after she denied seeing a leaked memo, sent to her previous year, confirming the department's use of deportation targets.

The Home Secretary was reportedly sent the "summary of performance" in June 2017, which sets out that officials planned "a target of achieving 12,800 enforced returns in 2017-18". "We set an internal target of 1,250 of these returns for 2016-17 ... we delivered 1,581".

Rudd had initially unequivocally claimed her department had no targets.

The claim unravelled when a 2015 report was unearthed showing there were in fact regional targets in place.

The Home Office has been contacted for comment.

Earlier, shadow home secretary Diane Abbott said: "Amber Rudd either failed to read this memo, and has no clear understanding of the policies in her own department, or she has misled Parliament and the British people".

The memo adds that ministers supported the "extra effort" being put into Operation Perceptor and Operation Gopik, with the former based on arresting and deporting people on the same day, while the latter targets European Union nationals who have three criminal convictions.

But Conservative backbenchers, including Sir Nicholas Soames and Philip Davies, rallied behind Ms Rudd on Thursday, with Mr Davies saying most members of the public backed tougher action against illegal immigration. Unfortunately I was not aware of them and I want to be aware of them.

The fiasco saw immigrants who arrived from the Caribbean and have lived in the United Kingdom for decades threatened with deportation.

'Either way, she needs to accept responsibility and resign immediately'.

Some of the Windrush generation have been threatened with deportation, lost their jobs and some have been refused access to medical treatment.