William to be best man at Harry's wedding

  • William to be best man at Harry's wedding

William to be best man at Harry's wedding

Prince Harry and Markle started dating in July 2016 and made their first public appearance as a couple in September 2017.

It's a family affair: Britain's royal officials say Prince Harry has asked elder brother Prince William to be best man at his wedding next month.

And when it is Harry's turn at the altar, as he marries USA former actress Meghan Markle, William will be at his side holding the wedding ring. It will be too cute to see them play roles in the wedding alongside their dad!

"That's the thing about being a best mate, inevitably one of you is sometimes on an up, while the other is on a down", he continued.

Rachel re-used the wedding dress she wore to her almost-wedding to Mike back in Season 5. When asked if she is attending the royal wedding, Priyanka said, "I am only concerned about the hat, I don't know if I'll be cute in a hat".

Yet to be announced is who will accompany Meghan Markle as maid of honour at the high-profile ceremony.

During the introduction, the Dean of Westminster joked about the still unknown and eagerly anticipated name for the fifth in line to the throne, saying: "Jerry would like it to be Jerry".

Gillian Taylor, director of G.H. Hurt & Son, told Cosmo about the tradition: "We feel so honored that William and Kate have again chosen our lovely merino wool lacy knitted baby shawls and in doing so have continued a tradition for the next generation of royals". News, Meghan's bachelorette party will take place "in some form" ahead of the May 19 nuptials (we guess we can count on Kate Middleton now not being there since she just had her third baby!).

And though it didn't have a royal wedding, it was a lovely departure for two characters who were so integral to the show's success.