Apple Releases Minor iOS 11.3.1 Update for iPhone and iPad

  • Apple Releases Minor iOS 11.3.1 Update for iPhone and iPad

Apple Releases Minor iOS 11.3.1 Update for iPhone and iPad

Interestingly, Apple's patch notes specify that the release "improves the security" of iOS devices.

To install the update, head over to Settings General Software Update.

Apple has released iOS 11.3.1 to address problems with touch input caused by third-party screen repairs.

As Apple has now fixed the issue by bringing the updated version 11.3.1, the company still advises its users to use genuine spare parts from authorized Apple stores. This led to the rollout of this new update by Apple to fix the issue.

Apple's release notes warns users against taking their phones into third-party fix shops that use "non-genuine replacement displays." . According to a report by ArsTechnica, this new update fixes two security vulnerabilities addressing a privilege elevation attack and how macOS High Sierra handles URLs.

Update of iOS 11.3.1, sized at 49.5 megabytes provides a major boost to the iPhone systems given that it solves a critical problem whereby it addresses the unresponsiveness of iPhone 8 devices to touch-based inputs. Another report found that iPhone 8 phones using non-genuine Apple screens suddenly developed touchscreen issues when iOS 11.3 was installed. After the update, some iPhone 8 devices lost their touch-screen functionality after being repaired by non-certified experts.

Speculation about Apple cutting back its orders for iPhone devices and related components has been fueled by revelations by more Taiwan-based suppliers that their orders from the United States client for its smartphones have been reduced or delayed, according to industry sources. Though many developers were quick to jump onboard the bandwagon in order to take advantage of Apple's new flagship, some however (especially Google) kinda slacked to get things up to speed.