Inspection opened into Tesla for workplace safety

  • Inspection opened into Tesla for workplace safety

Inspection opened into Tesla for workplace safety

The probe began on Tuesday, Erika Monterroza, spokesperson for Cal/OSHA, said. Monterroza has made the assertion that the state takes with much seriousness the matter about the various injuries getting reported in good time, though the official attests to the fact that the state is quite reluctant when it comes to disclosing the details of open inspections.

Tesla replied to the article with a blog post denying the accusations, and calling the publication an "extremist organization working directly with union supporters to create a calculated disinformation campaign against Tesla".

The report claims Tesla either failed to report injuries employees incurred while at work or mislabeled them, avoided some safety markings for aesthetic reasons, and gave some employees insufficient training for unsafe work.

Reveal reportedly spoke with over three dozen current and former Tesla employees and reviewed hundreds of pages of documents, including internal records and correspondence related to injury reporting.

There have been 20 investigations opened into Tesla by Cal-OSHA in the past five years, according to the US Department of Labor database. Some have now been ignored among others resulted in penalties.

Tesla, however, maintains that the existence of a probe is not indicative of malfeasance, as Cal/OSHA is required to investigate any claim regardless of merit.

Tesla maintains its trauma rate at the factory is 1 / maintains what it had been when GM and Toyota operated the plant in the past. As a portion of its inspections, Cal-OSHA will examine Tesla's log of harms and a inspection to make sure harms have been reported in a timely method.

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