Uncertainty lingers over Trump's meeting in North Korea

  • Uncertainty lingers over Trump's meeting in North Korea

Uncertainty lingers over Trump's meeting in North Korea

The news comes on the heels of the USA president, Donald Trump's recent decision to meet the North Korean leader.

"The offer was made, and we've accepted", she continued. However, both the U.S. and Japan are sceptical, remembering past instances where North Korea has used potential diplomatic resolution to relieve pressure on the regime.

What's next: Details, including whether North Korea will meet conditions set by the White House for the talks. "He can start by nominating a qualified candidate for the position of US ambassador to the ROK [Republic of Korea]".

'I believe they will honour that commitment, ' the president said.

The North Korean leader in the meeting agreed to hold a third inter-Korean summit late next month. Adding that "it is unnecessary for China, a major power to worry about North Korea 'turning to the USA, '" the editorial maintained that "if the Kim-Trump meeting will contribute to the denuclearization and peace that China desires the most, China has no reason to be unhappy about it".

Asked during a press briefing if there's a chance the meeting won't happen, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said, "We fully expect that it will".

"North Korea must match its words with actions", Abe said at the start of a meeting to discuss planned talks between the two Koreas and between Pyongyang and Washington.

"We were very close to being in a very, very touchy situation where both leaders were yelling back and fourth and calling each other names and that wasn't a good situation", said Hall, a Democrat. He was part of a South Korean delegation that met Kim in Pyongyang last week.

North Korean media has reported on the South Korean visit to the USA, but not on details of the talks, according to Reuters.

To remind the world of China's contributions, the Global Times newspaper, published by the official People's Daily, issued a commentary on Sunday night which asserted that "as Kim and Trump grab headlines and enjoy the limelight, one thing that deserves special attention is China's role in promoting the US-North Korea summit".

For the time being, USA plans to launch a military strike on North Korea are on the back burner and there is hope for an easing of tensions on the Korean Peninsula. But, say experts, it could also be that North Korea wants a propaganda "win" in terms of face-to-face talks between Kim and Trump, and wants the USA to accept it as a legitimate nuclear-armed state.

But Seoul, which has sought to improve its strained ties with Beijing, sent its national security adviser Chung Eui-yong to brief Xi on the recent breakthrough on Monday and thank him for his help.

In Beijing on Monday, Xi told Chung there was an important opportunity for talks.

"At the same time, all sides must exercise patience and be attentive, and show political wisdom, to appropriately face and dispel any problems and interference to resuming the talks process", state media cited Mr Xi as saying. That idea may well be appealing to Mr Trump, though the same can not be said of his Asian allies, South Korea and Japan.