Netflix's The Crown paid its queen less than its prince

  • Netflix's The Crown paid its queen less than its prince

Netflix's The Crown paid its queen less than its prince

Claire Foy may have played the Queen of England on Netflix's The Crown, but it looks like her salary wasn't equal to her royal title.

Claire, 33, famously played a young Queen Elizabeth on the series - a role for which she won a Best Actress Golden Globe - while Matt, 35, portrayed the Queen's longtime husband, Prince Philip.

The Crown producers Suzanne Mackie and Andy Harries made the shocking revelation when they were asked about the stars' pay during a panel discussion about the series at the INTV Conference in Jerusalem on Tuesday.

The producers said they've fixed it going into the future, and from now on no one will earn more than the actress playing the queen.


Foy said both she and Matt Smith knew that their roles would be recast for The Crown Season 3, and at this time, actress Olivia Colman has been cast as Queen Elizabeth for the third season of The Crown.

The donation came as he faced intense scrutiny when it was reported Williams received less than 1,000 dollars (£720).

Writer-creator Peter Morgan, center, with Matt Smith and Claire Foy.

When The Crown premiered in 2016, Smith was the more recognizable star thanks to his 2010-2013 tenure as the 11th Doctor on Doctor Who.

There has been no official confirmation yet about who will be playing Prince Phillip, who has been played by Matt Smith for the last two seasons.

How much more Smith was paid than Foy is unclear, but Foy reportedly made $40,000 per episode, according to a 2017 Variety report.

Good! Though not the best timing for Foy - as The Crown is recasting nearly its entire lineup of actors for seasons three and four, which take place in a later decade.

But Variety quoted the producers of The Crown in saying that the salary issues would be better examined going forward on the Netflix series.