Fitbit announce the smartwatch for all, the Fitbit Versa

  • Fitbit announce the smartwatch for all, the Fitbit Versa

Fitbit announce the smartwatch for all, the Fitbit Versa

The Fitbit Versa will go on sale from April at Verizon and major retailers in North America, at a recommended retail price of Dollars 200.

The Fitbit Versa looks solid, and at $200, it's fully one-third cheaper than the Ionic, Fitbit's first smartwatch.

Fitbit is actually taking a page from Apple's book by launching the Versa with a choice of bands in different styles and materials, including fabric and rubber, while the watch itself comes in black, rose gold, or silver. U.S. or Australian pricing has yet to be confirmed, so that may be a bit different when we hear from Fitbit. The Versa special edition retails for $349.95 and the accessories cost anywhere from $49.95 to $139.95.

It sits comfortably on the wrist and isn't as thick as alternatives such as the Fitbit Blaze, and unlike the Ionic, it has rounded edges. Bands options include varying colors of silicone, leather, cloth, and stainless steel. There's also a special edition on the Fitbit website for £219.99, which as far as we can tell, just comes with a slightly fancier replaceable strap. Although Apple declines to share exact sales figures (Watch is listed under its Other category during its quarterly reports), analysts claim it is the industry's best-selling smartwatch.

The device has a 1.34 inch LCD screen, 1000 nits brightness, 4 GB of storage and a 145 mAh battery, and lacks Global Positioning System, which should help it last longer than the Ionic.

Battery life has always been one of Fitbit's strong points; it was one of the better features of the Fitbit Ionic.

Viewed through that lens, Ace appears less about addressing a very real health issue and more about cultivating customers that will stay with the brand as they grow into adults.

If you already know the Ionic, you'll know a lot of the fitness features included here.

The Versa connects to your smartphone over Bluetooth LE and displays notifications. From there, they can keep up-to-date on their kids' activity and sleep stats, as well as manage their child's Fitbit friends network, ensuring that no strangers can see their children's milestones, badges and the like. The tracker counts steps and also gives prompts to move. And that's a pivotal feature, because you need to wear it at night in order for your Fitbit to track your sleep. US users can also listen to Pandora.

Sleep tracking is also available on the Versa.

Aiding the Versa's appeal to women shoppers, Fitbit also added a women's health app to its smartwatch software that includes a period tracker.

Fitbit is targeting a new kind of customer, one that probably isn't even old enough to have a gym membership. The Versa provides access to Fitbit's growing library of apps.

The Versa runs on Fitbit's own operating system, but with version 2.0. So let's dive in to see how the Fitbit Verse bears resemblance to the Apple Watch and watch feature set matches we are talking about.