Philips introducing first Hue outdoor lights…

  • Philips introducing first Hue outdoor lights…

Philips introducing first Hue outdoor lights…

The lights come in white as well as white and color ambiance. Presumably, we'll have more information on products availability at that point.

For those with gardens, there's a spotlight aptly called the Lily, which starts at $279.99, and is created to highlight flower beds and features.

Finally, Calla is a bollard light, created to provide path or driveway lighting.

Less details are available for the Philips Hue White range however prices start from £62. You can connect them to the Hue bridge, then control them via the accompanying app or with your voice. With the location awareness on your mobile phone the Hue lights you choose outdoor and indoor can turn on automatically to welcome you home.

Like other Hue bulbs, you can set up lighting routines and schedules, control them remotely, and they support Apple's HomeKit platform.

Philips Hue outdoor

All Philips Hue outdoor products are designed for outdoor use and easy to install.

The Philips Hue outdoor spot Lily base unit pack will retail for United States dollars 279.99 /EUR 299 and includes three light points and all the accessories you need to get started.

Are you looking forward to bringing Hue lights to your yard? They will be available in Europe and the United States in July. Philips isn't going into detail today, but further products named Lucca, Tuar, Turaco and Ludere will be unveiled at an event on March 19. The Hue line is also getting a PAR38 bulb that will slot into existing fixtures, with each bulb costing $29 and a double-pack available for $49.

Phillips has expanded its popular "Hue" smart lights range to "the great outdoors".