Ford declared PC victor late Saturday, Elliott not present

  • Ford declared PC victor late Saturday, Elliott not present

Ford declared PC victor late Saturday, Elliott not present

"With the selection of Doug Ford, Ontario Conservatives have chosen corporate interests over workers, religious extremism over the rights of women, and cuts at the expense of our healthcare and education", the statement said. "In a race this close, largely determined by geography, someone needs to stand up for these members", Elliott said, adding that she wants "to investigate the extent of this discrepancy".

It is unclear if she plans a court challenge, and an update from her campaign was expected Sunday.

Former premier Mike Harris also implored Elliott to concede defeat, telling the Star on Sunday that "it's time for everyone to put our party and our province first".

"I'm anxious about Kathleen Wynne not Christine right now", Ford told reporters as he walked in a St. Patrick's Day parade in Toronto.

"I guess that's the end of my PC card".

He remains a widely respected figure in the party.

If you're perhaps mildly confused about how the Ontario Progressive Conservatives choose their leaders, take comfort in the fact that you are certainly not alone.

"My hope is that it'll be done very expeditiously and we can make a decision and say, yes Doug's the leader or no there's a change and again we unify and we turn all of our energy and efforts onto Kathleen Wynne and defeating her because that's what we should have been doing all the way along". "But I promise you that we will put forward a re-election platform, which will find an echo in every resident of Ontario".

This is what happened to the votes of members of who ranked Tanya Granic Allen as their preferred candidate.

After throwing the party into disarray in the dead of night, Elliott's campaign has not released any further statement about its next step.

Ford's win came after a tumultuous leadership event on Saturday. His win was revealed by the party after a chaotic day that included members being sent home from the Markham convention hall as the party worked to resolve an issue regarding some key ballots.

However, Hartley Lefton, chair of the PC leadership election organizing committee, said the election results are definitive and provide a clear mandate to Ford.

At issue on Saturday with the Conservative contest are hundreds of disputed ballots that could swing certain ridings a different way depending upon how they are allocated.

Doug Ford spoke to supporters during a rally at the Water Tower Inn during the PC leadership campaign.

In other words, regardless of whether a riding has 100 or 1,000 members, a candidate who receives 40 per cent support from that riding gets 40 electoral votes.

64,053 members voted - more than twice the number of votes cast in the 2009 leadership race.

Elliott had been perceived as the front-runner over Ford, the 53-year-old married father of four daughters who has spent most of his career running the family business Deco Labels.

The prospects of a Doug Ford premiership looking more than just possible, Ontarians may be able to pay their hydro bills again without having to borrow from money set aside for their groceries. The victor will be announced via press release at an unspecified time, he said.

"I appreciate her (Elliott) thoughts". The lawyer, former Ontario patient ombudsman and widowed mother of three lost in 2015 to Brown, and in 2009 to Hudak.