Samsung confirms 2018 4K and 8K QLED TV line-up

  • Samsung confirms 2018 4K and 8K QLED TV line-up

Samsung confirms 2018 4K and 8K QLED TV line-up

Samsung has unveiled its 2018 television lineup at the company's "First Look New York event" at the American Stock Exchange.

The TVs come with Ambient Mode, which enables the TV to blend in with the surrounding decor, according to Samsung. In announcing a new partnership with Samsung, Mark Thompson, President and Chief Executive Officer of The New York Times Company, said, “QLED TVs Ambient Mode is an exciting new way for viewers to experience The Timess unrivaled, deeply reported and visual journalism.”.

The TVs have a built-in timer for Ambient Mode so that the devices don't eat up your electricity. The new QLEDs (never, ever to be confused with OLED) ship with Bixby and offer voice assistant capabilities right out of the box. The 2018 Samsung TV line features 9 series across the QLED TV, Premium UHD, UHD and Ultra-Large Screen display range, available in a variety of class sizes.

Samsung's new Ambient Mode echoes numerous same features used in its Frame TV, which was released a year ago. That's why it's packed the sets with features such as "Ambient" mode and an invisible connection. It's capable of playing music as well as displaying news headlines, weather updates and traffic reports.

You'll find that new DFA technology on only the high-end models - the Q9F and Q8F - but QLED should be improved all around across the range. The One Connect Box used a small single cable that connects from the TV to hub that holds all of the input ports normally found on the back of a display unit. You're not looking at some transparent display; the TV just creates shadows and other effects to make it seem that way. The QLED TVs feature enhanced colour and contrast, HDR10+ compatibility, Ambient Mode, Smart TV enhancements with Bixby Voice, One Remote Control and the One Invisible Connection.

"Combining pure colour, the deep blacks of Direct Full Array technology, and the brightness of Quantum Dots, our QLED range has been created to give Australians the ultimate entertainment experience at home".

Available up to 15 metres, the cable frees consumers from having to place their TV near data or power outlets.

The QLED Q9, Q8, Q7 and Q6 TVs are on offer in respective descending order of price and overall quality and even come with curved editions despite the waning popularity of this specific design feature in most brands. This technology should take the TV's HDR to all-new levels, even though the other sets also support Samsung's HDR10+ format.

It's odd to think that Samsung's most exciting new feature shows up when their TVs are off.

Typically, in the months from March to May, and sometimes leaning into August and September, we see new TVs make their way out to shelves, as manufacturers reveal what they have in store for not just Australians, but the world.

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