New $10 bill featuring Viola Desmond

  • New $10 bill featuring Viola Desmond

New $10 bill featuring Viola Desmond

Haligonians will get their first look at the new $10 bill featuring civil rights pioneer Viola Desmond on Wednesday.

Desmond will be the first black person and first woman unroyal blood, - which will appear on the constantly circulating canadian banknote. And when I say suffered, I don't mean that you just couldn't do anything anymore. "Our family will go down in history - in history, imagine that".

That's what makes the new $10 bill such a powerful act of acceptance, he said.

After the unveiling, Morneau took the podium. As part of the Canada 150 commemorative $10 note launch previous year, users who entered the so-called "Konami Code" (the up arrow twice, the down arrow twice, the left and right arrows twice alternately, then B, then A) triggered a shower of miniature bank notes to cascade down the screen while playing "O Canada". "It tells you about the balance of power in this country", he joked.

Desmond is best known for protesting a segregated Nova Scotia movie theatre in 1946 by refusing to give up her seat in a whites-only section. Desmond was dragged out of the theatre and arrested, ultimately spending 12 hours in jail. Black people could only sit in the balcony of the theatre.

She was released after paying a $20 fine and $6 in court costs.

A portrait of Viola Desmond, circa 1940.

New $10 Canadian bill...

"The Easter egg was intended as a fun way from our web team to drive drive digital communities, those who might be interested in the website's design, or how it's used technology, back to the broader theme of the note", said Jeremy Harrison, managing director of communications for the Bank of Canada.

"The launch of the bill sends people of African descent the message that Canada is finally accepting us".

In 1954, Nova Scotia ended segregation, a move partially driven by Desmond's case.

"Viola Desmond made a special act of courage", - said Isaac, Cain, senior lecturer at Dalhousie University. "There was no movement behind her".

Looking to kill time while her auto was being repaired, she stopped by a local movie theatre.

Her legacy is being increasingly recognized.