Mario Tennis Aces release date announced

  • Mario Tennis Aces release date announced

Mario Tennis Aces release date announced

Are you excited to play Crash Bandicoot and South Park on your Switch?

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes was revealed, and it will feature Travis embarking into the game world to go on a rampage of epic proportions. The graphics look edgy and are filled with action 3rd person slicing and dicing and will include coop-multi-player, which will be released this year.

In a special announcement, most remarkable announcement, it was also shown that Undertale will be making its way to the Nintendo Switch...eventually. The game will be released for purchase May 25th.

This adventure game spin-off in the Pokemon universe is due for the Nintendo 3DS on March 23. Mario Tennis Aces will be playable in both TV, handheld and tabletop mode and will even allow four Switches to be connected locally for four-players. Up to four players can take to the court with the games refined advanced tennis system. Zone Shots, which can damage an opponent's racket, are one kind of powered-up option that players have at their disposal. You can use a single joy-con for motion controls (Wii Sports style) in Swing Mode. Trick shots allow you to charge your energy gauge quickly, which you will need for the above shots and the special shot. The game seems to be a reinvention on tennis not only because of the shots but the quickly paced strategy of the game. Lastly, a special edition of Octopath Traveler was revealed to have the base game, a popup book with all eight main characters, a selective soundtrack, a map, and a collector's coin. So what do you think of the upcoming Mario Tennis game? Details of the online tourney will be released later. Also, players who own the DLC will be able to play as an octoling in multiplayer battles. Octopath Traveller will launch on July 13.

Also for older video gamers, Crash Bandicoot N.sane Trilogy, is a remake of all three Crash Bandicoot originals for the PlayStation, which will be released July 10th. It is coming August 3rd, so you won't have long to wait. With Koei Tecmo handling publishing duties instead of Nintendo in Japan, the nation gets the game this month while the Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition release date is May 18 for the rest of the world.

Finally, Nintendo fighting game ARMS has a tournament now through March 18 and there's a Global Testpunch for three days starting March 31.

Squid Research Lab also presented Splatoon 2: Octo Exclusive. You will pay as an octoling, Agent 8, in an underground test facility. Octo Expansion is out in Summer 2018 for $20. "Super Smash Bros." is coming back.