Subpoenaed Trump aide goes silent after Monday's bizarre round of interviews

  • Subpoenaed Trump aide goes silent after Monday's bizarre round of interviews

Subpoenaed Trump aide goes silent after Monday's bizarre round of interviews

At one point during Monday's press marathon, CNN's Erin Burnett asked Mr Nunberg if he had been drinking, noting that she smelled alcohol on his breath.

Then, in an interview with the Associated Press, Nunberg, who was sacked twice from the campaign, acknowledged he was angry over Mueller's subpoena and having to hand in thousands of emails and communications with former campaign officials, but in the end he'd end up complying.

Mr. Mueller's team is investigating claims of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation and asked for Mr. Nunberg's communications with several members of the campaign and administration.

Fired former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg is sorry for calling Sarah Sanders a "fat slob" and said he was "having a rough day" when he viciously attacked her.

I just, because it is the talk out there, again, I know it's awkward. "I certainly probably said that but he's by no means an idiot, at all".

By 9:53 p.m. on the East Coast, Nunberg further reversed the statement of cooperation and told MSNBC's Melber that he wanted investigators to explain why he needsed to testify, adding, "I'm not interested in facilitating a circumstantial case against Roger Stone".

"I wasn't there to teach the president the Constitution", Nunberg said.

Nunberg told TheDC he is now undergoing the process of complying with Mueller's subpoena by sifting through and copying his emails. A spokesperson for special counsel Mueller says they will decline to comment on Nunberg's allegations.

Since then, Mueller has demanded all of his records and communications with people on the campaign, which Nunberg said would take too much time to assemble. He said he had been summoned to appear before a grand jury on Friday but would not, nor would he produce evidence.

In his interviews with the AP, Nunberg cast Mueller's subpoena demands as unreasonable. Why do I have to go? Why? "I'm pretty sure after Mueller gets through with him, it's gonna be flip".

"Donald Trump did not collude with the Russians".

He said that while the mainstream media was obsessing over Nunberg's "freakout", they ignored other stories they should have been covering, including new evidence of the "real Russian Federation collusion" during the 2016 Election.

Minutes earlier, he told MSNBC's Katy Tur that he thinks Trump "may have done something during the election".

Asked whether he thought he was taken advantage of by the media Monday, he said "I think the media was very fair, I don't think they did anything inappropriate".