North Korea was behind killing of Kim Jong-nam, says US

  • North Korea was behind killing of Kim Jong-nam, says US

North Korea was behind killing of Kim Jong-nam, says US

Kim Jong Un may well also have a surprising "gift" up his sleeve - a headline-grabbing concession of some sort, possibly something involving the United States, since that is what Moon wants most. Essentially: You want our nukes?

"That means it's up to them to decide whether the security is guaranteed or not, and that means they have full control".

"We can't reveal everything to the press but we have a separate message from North Korea for the US", Chung told reporters.

The exercises are usually conducted in March and April, but South Korean President Moon Jae-In told NBC News in December that his country was asking the United States to put off the exercises until after the Winter Olympics and Paralympics in PyeongChang which end March 18.

The leaders of North and South Korea are set to meet in a summit in the demilitarized zone late April, in a sign of fast-warming ties.

Compared to the recent heated rhetoric, threats and insults traded by Trump and Kim Jong Un, the new tone coming out of Pyongyang after bilateral talks with South Korean counterparts offers "a glimmer of hope" to begin talks with the U.S., said Frank Aum, senior expert on North Korea at the U.S. Institute of Peace and former Pentagon senior adviser.

"It may be we have to give Trump credit", said Hoare, now an associate fellow at Chatham House, a United Kingdom think tank.

Separately, highlighting a less-discussed dimension of the standoff with North Korea, the Pentagon's military intelligence chief told a Senate hearing that Kim has taken a "far different" approach to military preparedness than his father, Kim Jong Il, by imposing greater rigour and discipline in army training.

Kim appears to understand that the United States can hardly expose South Korea to a potentially apocalyptic war without support from Moon.

The Korean overtures come at a time when the United States has no ambassador in South Korea and no special representative on North Korea, and when the nominee for assistant secretary of state for East Asia has yet to be confirmed by the Senate.

Others, like David Adesnik, director of research with the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, warn South Korea must keep its guard up.

The North repeatedly and bluntly declared it will not give up its nuclear bombs.

But Washington remains deeply skeptical of any such attempt by the South without any progress in global efforts to end the North's nuclear weapons program.

On-and-off six-nation disarmament negotiations were later held in China from 2003 to 2008. "And that should have an effect on North Korea and China". If they are sacrificed for talks, North Korea will only focus on cracking the Korea-U.S. alliance.

The sanctions were announced hours after Donald Trump had said "possible progress" was being made in talks with North Korea, but added that it "may be false hope".

Trump said the US has "come certainly a long way, at least rhetorically, with North Korea", since he assumed the presidency.

But according to a senior official at the South's presidential office, Kim said during Monday's meeting he would "understand" if Seoul goes ahead with the delayed exercises.

It seems unlikely to many, however, that Kim will easily give up his nuclear program. Seoul needs to be clear on North Korea's demands. North Korea has not carried out any such tests since last November.

"The United States would need to enter any dialogue with very detailed ideas on where it will draw the line in talks with North Korea because there will be a mixture of demands it might be able to meet and those it can not meet", Hong said.