Dad makes son run to school as punishment for bullying

  • Dad makes son run to school as punishment for bullying

Dad makes son run to school as punishment for bullying

After his son got kicked off the bus last week for misbehaving, rather than drive his 10-year-old boy to school in Roanoke County, Bryan Thornhill made his son run - in the rain.

Bryan Thornhill, from the USA state of Virginia, filmed his son making the run in drizzling rain while he drove behind him.

Thornhill said since starting the disciplinary regime his son's behavior had "been much better".

His son says that running to school wasn't fun but that he got the punishment he deserved.

But others questioned Thornhill's real motivations and wondered if the boy would get sick after running for so long in the rain.

Bryan Thornhill filmed the punishment from his auto as he drove alongside his son, posting the live footage to his Facebook profile. As the Virginia dad is an adept of the teaching that a child needs a parent and not a friend, he devised a clever way to teach his son that it's never a good idea to bully your classmates. If you say we need gun control, people?

"This right here is just old school, simple parenting", he adds.

Thornhill stressed that it is important for parents to hold kids accountable for their actions. In the video, he claimed that this was a healthy way of punishing a child.

The video instantly became viral and has since been shared more than 25 million times as of now. Make sure you show your children you love them with hugs and discipline. "That's what children need these days", he offers as advice at the end of the video.

Do you think this punishment was fair?

Others were up in arms about the fact that Thornhill posted the video on social media.

In the Facebook video, Bryan Thornhill follows behind his son in his auto, noting that they are about a mile away at the start of the punishment.

"Our children are our future". "Being single mother of 4 boys and trying to raise them the be a positive person in this insane world, I know personally how hard it is to raise children.I think what you did was AWESOME".