Google Lens now available for all android users

  • Google Lens now available for all android users

Google Lens now available for all android users

Google has announced the latest developer preview for Android Things, its platform for creating Internet of Things solutions.

Google has finally started rolling out its visual search tool called Google Lens for all Android devices, the company announced on Twitter.

The new OS, which we've learned will support display notches and give developers more freedom to harness dual cameras.

Other than that, the same rules apply.

However, this hidden feature is a simple one as it shows the letter "P" which changes colors when you tap the back button.

In the above image you can see the welcome page of Google Lens Preview which asks you to do more with your photos.

The good news is that, starting today, you can try out the very first Android P developer preview right on your very own device.

Google seems to be firmly focusing on its AI and Machine learning by introducing this Lens feature to all the Android phones via Google Photos app. Google Lens will be able to tell you. There's also a None option, which is good, since there are still phones out there that won't have a cutout. If you're looking to grab the first build of the Android P dev preview you can do so by hitting the button below. But they have promised it will soon make its way onto iOS as well.

Multi-camera API: You can now access streams simultaneously from two or more physical cameras. Google is adding in new APIs to help developers figure out how best to accommodate cutouts with the APIs managing the status bar area around the cutout. It offers several advantages over BitmapFactory, including support for exact scaling, single-step decoding to hardware memory, support for post-processing in decode, and decoding of animated images. The rich notifications improve upon Android's current notifications by adding more context and potentially suggested replies. JobScheduler then manages work according to the network status. However, no exact timeline is known at the time of writing this.