Amazon stops selling Nest products as war with Google continues

  • Amazon stops selling Nest products as war with Google continues

Amazon stops selling Nest products as war with Google continues

The spat between Amazon and Google is escalating, with the latter preparing to stop sales of a slew of its gadgets on the online shopping site.

Google and Amazon have never been the best of friends, and it seems Amazon has put more strain on the relationship.

According to Amazon, the directive came from the top management thus creating an impression that the decision came from Jeff Bezos CEO at Amazon though it's not confirmed.

After that probably awkward conference call, Nest chose to just stop selling their products on Amazon because they want their whole portfolio of products available or nothing at all, according to a person familiar with the company's strategy. It's unclear if third-party Amazon sellers will still be able to move Nest goods.

If you're wondering what Nest has to do with the Amazon vs Google war, it was of course acquired by the latter some time ago. Nest spent a few years spun out from Google under its parent company Alphabet, but was recently brought back into the Google fold.

Google Nest also got in on the action during the Oscars, in a timely buy that comes in the wake of Amazon's acquisition of rival smart doorbell maker Ring.

This news shouldn't really be a surprise to most people.

Amazon has previously sent a middle finger to Google in 2015, when it retaliated against Chromecast and Apple TV for not allowing easy access to its Prime video offerings by striking the devices from its shelves. Amazon continues to sell similar products from other manufacturers such as August, Lighthouse, etc.

Amazon has been developing its own smart home devices for a long time. It previously wouldn't sell Google Home speakers or the Pixel phone. The company is keen on further expanding into the smart homes sector, particularly with its Echo range of products that come integrated with Alexa, its voice assistant.