Weather warning remains in place for Sheffield as 'slow thaw' begins

  • Weather warning remains in place for Sheffield as 'slow thaw' begins

Weather warning remains in place for Sheffield as 'slow thaw' begins

A new warning that icy conditions will continue into Sunday has been issued by the Met Office.

By tonight, it is expected to stay cloudy with patchy rain or drizzle and light snow over higher ground with mist and fog and temperatures of about three degrees centigrade.

They have also been issued for South Wales and the South West from 3pm on Thursday until 2am on Friday.

Describing the national outlook, Met Office chief meteorologist Dan Suri said: "After the severe cold weather and snow we've had this week the good news is that temperatures will slowly increase from the south, generally up to around 4C or 5C quite widely by the end of the weekend and we could even see up to 9C to 10C in southern areas".

The definition of a red warning is that "you should take action now to keep yourself and others safe from the impact of the weather" and it cautions widespread damage, disruption and risk to life is likely.

Collisions have occupied emergency services across the country, while the army was drafted in as part of a major rescue operation to reach motorists trapped on roads by heavy snow and icy blasts.

Forecaster Craig Snell warned the freezing conditions would grip the United Kingdom for another 48 hours.

Red: Extreme weather is expected.

Freezing, or super-cooled rain, is water droplets which have been cooled rapidly without solidifying into snow.

"Colder conditions will continue in the north, with snow showers, although less heavy and less frequent than of late".

However, forecasters have warned that as rain begins to fall on snow-covered roads, the potential for ice to form could bring further hazards.

All schools, community centres and libraries in Edinburgh have been closed.

Mr Snell warned there could be winds of up to 50 to 60mph in southwestern parts of the United Kingdom, bringing about "blizzard-like conditions".

Gatwick Airport said it was "expecting a large number of cancellations and delays to flights".