Here's Nintendo's Next Plan for the Switch

  • Here's Nintendo's Next Plan for the Switch

Here's Nintendo's Next Plan for the Switch

In other words, it's flying off the shelves.

The Nintendo Switch is selling phenomenally well at the moment and it's only natural that many fans of the console will be wondering what Nintendo has planned for its future. It also isn't uncommon for Nintendo to refresh the hardware after a year.

In terms of peripherals, it's released second Circle Pads for 3DS (quite useful!) and made a big, janky robot for the NES (just strange).

It seems that Nintendo will instead be focusing on online features and peripherals such as Nintendo Labo.

The company has high hopes for its Nintendo Labo cardboard toy kit, which goes on sale in April and is aimed at attracting parents looking for an educational toy for their children.

Sources speaking to the WSJ said that Nintendo now has "no plans" to release a Switch 2.0, at least not in the near future.

At an investor briefing in February, Mr. Kimishima, the Nintendo CEO, said he wanted to make the Switch's product cycle longer than the five-to-six-year span that's become customary in the videogame console industry. Waiting longer to introduce iterative hardware would certainly help accomplish that goal. But as of right now, it's not in the cards. There may also be peripherals that utilize the USB-C port on the device. The hybrid console, which celebrates its 1 birthday this weekend, got off to a red-hot start with sales of almost 15 million units in 2017.

Of course, that Nintendo isn't planning a hardware redesign right now doesn't mean one will never materialize. Were you holding out for a revised console?