Tokyo Summer Olympics Gets a Mascot

  • Tokyo Summer Olympics Gets a Mascot

Tokyo Summer Olympics Gets a Mascot

BC-OLY-Tokyo 2020-Mascots, 122 Futuristic digital characters selected as Tokyo 2020 mascotsAP Photo XEH108, XEH107, XEH101, XEH102, XEH103, XEH104, XEH105, XEH106Eds: APNewsNow.

The blue-checked Olympics mascot has a "strong sense of justice" and can travel faster than the speed of light, according to Games organisers. Its superpower is said to be a move that allows it to go anywhere fast. It also has the ability to talk with stones and the wind, and move things with its mind.

The winning mascots, picked from a shortlist of three designs, are a pair of 'animated nondescript creatures.' They were created by Japanese illustrator Ryo Taniguchi. Hello Kitty and Pokemon are among literally thousands available in Japan, and usually represents everything from small communities to prisons.

Mascots, locally known as "yuru-kyara" or "laid-back characters" are popular in Japan.

"I'd be very happy if these characters became an anime", he said.

Olympic organizers wanted kids involved in the selection so they'll be excited when the games come to their country in a little more than two years.

The games are scheduled for 2020.

The mascots won the vote with a mammoth 109,000, beating the nearest candidate by 40,000 votes.

Soohorang sparked an inadvertent social media frenzy after a volunteer dressed up as the tiger got stuck in a doorway, needing a helper to push him through.

PyeongChang 2018 mascots dance during the Closing Ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games.

The Paralympic mascot is similar to the Olympics mascot but has a white and pink design.

The mascots' names will be chosen based on feedback from creative professionals and will be announced in the summer.

With luxurious manes, short horns and faces that appear to be shaped like rugby balls, mascots "Ren" and "G" are inspired by "shishi", the mythical lion-like figure that features in Japan's new year celebrations and kabuki theatre.

The organising committee unveiled the official emblems for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in April 2016, after scrapping the initially selected logos over allegations of plagiarism.

"I can't wait to tell my darling wife".