National Pokemon Day offers new content for fans of franchise

  • National Pokemon Day offers new content for fans of franchise

National Pokemon Day offers new content for fans of franchise

After all, it seems a little out-of-place to only have the Grass-type starter strut his stuff when you've got two far more iconic Pokemon waiting in the wings to become the bane of selfie-haters everywhere.

Popular mobile AR game Pokemon GO will also partake in the festivities.

Not only will Pokemon Go players be able to catch a special celebratory Pikachu, made distinct by their striped purple hat and Present move, but fans will be able to have a conversation with the electric cutie through their Amazon Alexa or Google Home with Pikachu Talk.

Niantic have also revealed new Trainer avatar items from Pokémon FireRed and Pokémon LeafGreen are now available in-store.

The Bulbasaur doesn't do a whole lot to change your appearance, as all it does is add a crown on your head and make your eyes gray, though it is neat should you open your mouth.

All in all, The Pokemon Company has something for every fan of the series, which shows no sign of stopping, making this year's celebration of National Pokemon Day the most expansive yet.

We know this based on the new trailer of the game's Western release, which Nintendo dropped last week!

These will include 3x Catch XP, as well as the usual 3-hour lures during event hours.

Like we saw in February with Dratini, hopes are high that Niantic will do the same for every Community Day in 2018.

If you've missed out on what Community Day events are, let's get you up to speed.

The short event was hailed as a success, with fans enjoying the chance of boosting their Gym lineups with Shiny Dragonites.

Running until March 5, the new mini event brings back Groudon and Kyogre as Raid bosses. That's on top of current Legendary Raid boss Rayquaza.

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