Missing #DapchiGirls: "We are sorry that it happened" - President Buhari

  • Missing #DapchiGirls:

Missing #DapchiGirls: "We are sorry that it happened" - President Buhari

Locals living near the school told the BBC that numerous girls who had fled had been found after hiding in surrounding villages - some up to 30km away.

There are still conflicting reports about the incident which happened last Monday.

It is hard to understand why the girls school at Dapchi was operating nearly without any security, save for one or two elderly gatemen.

Investigation revealed that the students had embarked on a protest demanding for the released of the identification card and also cancellation of a National Health Insurance Scheme NHIS Policy which they claimed to have paid to the school, but whenever the approach the school clinic the management still as them to pay another money.

The economic strains are significant at this time considering the financial costs to the Government of the return of some of the kidnapped Chibok girls.

"I asked the school's principal if there were abductions or deaths in the school and she said no".

Abubakar Shehu said he, too, did not want to celebrate prematurely.

The local Yobe government released a statement Wednesday announcing the girls had been found, but later apologized for the "erroneous" statement that it said was based on inaccurate information.

"The Buhari Presidency has put Nigerians at risk by deceiving the people and issuing false performance indices suggesting that insurgents have been completely routed out, a situation which made our unsuspecting citizens trust a lie and dropped their guards in the face of real threats and danger". The statement turned out false.

In a further sign of community anger, villagers confronted a convoy carrying Yobe state governor on Thursday when he said 76 girls reported to have been rescued were in fact still missing.

The United States (US) has also strongly condemned the abduction of scores of schoolgirls of Government Girls Technical College, Dapchi in Yobe State by suspected Boko Haram terrorists.

According to him, "We must understand that these are they dying days of the Boko Haram and what they intend to do is to embarrass the government because they have been degraded, they have been pushed out of Sambisa forest".

"We have now established that the information we relied on to make the statement was not credible", it continues. The only difference, was that government officials, both state and local, visited the town, as soon as they could. "When we arrived here we have been briefed by the governor and the GOC about the situation of the students".

For President Buhari, this is the defining challenge of his tenure.

"We were in the mosque and about to start evening prayers when we heard gunshots".

In the case of the Chibok girls, 274 schoolgirls were abducted in April 2014, and till date, the whereabouts of many of them are still unknown.

"The girls deserve freedom and a chance to shape their own future". We were 65 girls in all.

Dapchi, about 275km (170 miles) north-west of Chibok, came under attack on Monday, causing students and teachers to flee into the surrounding bush.

Police and the state ministry of education had initially denied claims that students were abducted.