Opposing ideas on gun control clash at Florida town hall

  • Opposing ideas on gun control clash at Florida town hall

Opposing ideas on gun control clash at Florida town hall

Nelson said Scott's affiliation with the NRA and his related accolades are the reason why he predicts much of the legislative initiatives proposed on Friday will not include gun restrictions. Close to 10 p.m., Kasky, a Jewish senior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, made a request of Florida Senator Marco Rubio. The former 2016 presidential contender was confronted about accepting over $3 million in donations from the National Rifle Association. This is about people who are for making a difference to save us, and people who are against it and prefer money.

Kasky's question earned a standing ovation.

Rubio would not commit to leaving the money on the table.

"People buy into my agenda", Rubio said.

Rubio took the heat on receiving donations from the NRA. Linda Schulman, mother of Scott Beigel, demanded answers from Loesch.

Someone in the crowd then shouted, "If they live to do it". Ironically, it once won the title of "safest town" in the Sunshine State.

He was also put on the defensive by Fred Guttenberg, whose 14-year-old daughter Jaime was killed along with 16 other students. "Your comments this week and those of our President have been pathetically weak", he said.

Mr Guttenberg added: "And tell me you will work with us to do something about guns".

A recent poll from Quinnipiac University shows that 67 percent of respondents support a federal ban on assault weapons, a category that covers some types of semi-automatic rifles.

Mr Rubio responded: "Here's what I said: The problems that we're facing here today can not be solved by gun laws alone". It is a weapon of war. "The fact that you cant stand with everybody in this building and say that, Im sorry". She was also rebutted by Israel, who said she couldn't stand up for the survivors in attendance unless she stood for fewer weapons. The man arrested for the Stoneman Douglas school shooting is 19. It was filled with dramatic, powerful, open testimonials from students and parents.

When the White house listening session was announced I feared it would just be a photo-op type session filled with thoughts and prayers and Trump supporters.

"Why are my son's unalienable rights not protected as fiercely as the right to bear arms?" I've hunted all my life. His office said he was "expressing his opposition to any legislation with additional restrictions on the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens".

Predictably, the exchanges that ensued were heated, tense and powerful.

"So I knew that was going to happen", said Kasky.

Samantha Grady, a student who was shot twice in the assault, said "My best friend was killed right in front of me". "This horrific incident has to be the catalyst that finally puts things in action". "Life is like a roller coaster", he told the crowd.

"Eventually it comes to a stop".

The night closed with a performance of Stoneman Douglas' drama club performing an original sone, "Shine". I'm not saying you love the tragedy.

Guns like the AR-15, which fire with such force that they left victims of the Parkland school shooting "with only shreds of the organ that had been hit by a bullet", an emergency room radiologist tells us, via The Atlantic. "You may have brought the dark, but together we will shine the light".