KFC's Chicken Shortage Apology a Humorous Mea Culpa

  • KFC's Chicken Shortage Apology a Humorous Mea Culpa

KFC's Chicken Shortage Apology a Humorous Mea Culpa

The fried chicken restaurant with the world famous Colonel's recipe took out a full page ad in the Sun and Metro newspapers, showing an empty KFC chicken bucket.

"A chicken restaurant without any chicken", the company said in the advertisement.

"This is soooo amusing!" Some restaurants have re-opened but still with limited menus.

Meanwhile, KFC is struggling to find charities to which it can donate thousands of tonnes of surplus chicken that has been stored in an unregistered depot during a supply crisis that has closed 160 stores for nearly a week, inquiries by the Guardian suggest.

Chicken destined for KFC outlets will have to be destroyed as a result of supply problems caused by the fast food chain moving to a new delivery partner.

"We wanted to say sorry to our customers and thank our team members and franchise partners for all their hard work reopening our restaurants", the spokesperson said. "For KFC's sake", one person wrote.

KFC said it is is struggling to find charities which will accept the surplus chicken - as many have safety policies which rule out accepting fresh meat. "Thank you for bearing with us".

This marks a positive turn for KFC, which was plunged into crisis last week when it switched supplier from Bidvest Logistics to DHL.

Restaurants ran out of chicken and were forced to shut, making the chain a laughing stock on social media.

Meanwhile an enterprising Brighton man is looking to cash in on the KFC crisis by selling 10 bargain buckets for 100 on Facebook.