Google details RCS messaging to Android users from businesses

  • Google details RCS messaging to Android users from businesses

Google details RCS messaging to Android users from businesses

Google is promising to bring RCS messaging to more businesses in the coming months.

Now millions of businesses, service providers, and brands use SMS to communicate with their customers, whether they're sending a bank fraud alert or package delivery notification. As of today, there are already 43 carriers and manufacturers that have partnered with Google to create a more dynamic and rich messaging experience.

Google has announced a new way that it is connecting people and businesses using RCS (Rich Communication Services) with the goal of bringing enhanced features to standard messaging services on mobile devices with various carriers. The group has been working with other businesses in the industry to develop a global set of features and standards for RCS messaging. They say RCS will enable companies to send messages that will let customers make purchases, schedule appointments, find directions, and more directly from within the messaging app.

Sprint and Google announced the results of their launch of Rich Communication Service-based messaging offerings, noting that advertisers including 1-800 Contacts,,, SnapTravel and Subway, among others, have conducted advertising efforts using the messaging technology. That platform is aimed at helping Google's telecommunications partners begin providing RCS messaging capabilities to their customers. Companies from a range of businesses such as food, travel, retail and delivery services are using the program in the U.S. and Mexico. It has also enlisted messaging partners 3C,, Mobivity, OpenMarket, Smooch and Twilio.

Google and other companies in its Early Access Program have also given demonstrations at other past events, including last year's MWC Americas.

Indeed, Google said its RCS efforts have generated support among a wide range of Android smartphone makers as well as wireless network operators in Europe and Latin America. That's up from the 27 Google cited a year ago.

Google said customers who have already opted-in to receiving a business' text messages will see the upgraded experience automatically in Android Messages.