Final Fantasy XV PC demo next week

  • Final Fantasy XV PC demo next week

Final Fantasy XV PC demo next week

The outfit will also be available as part of Final Fantasy XV's "Comrades" multiplayer expansion.

The demo will allow people to play through the game's opening chapter, including the tutorial elements with Noctis' fluffy buddy Carbuncle.

"If you pre-purchase or purchase FFXV Windows Edition on Steam before 1st May 2018, you can claim the Half-Life pack via Steam Workshop!"

If you're itching to get your hands on Final Fantasy XV's fancy PC version ahead of its March 6 release, Square Enix has you covered.

Square Enix released a lot of exciting information today about the highly anticipated release of Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition! The costume will also be available for multiplayer avatars when playing the Comrades expansion.

You can check out Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition's demo that drops on February 26 to try the first chapter, and from there you'll have to make a decision on which platform is better for you.

Now, just weeks before the game's release, Square Enix are releasing a Final Fantasy XV PC demo, so you can be really sure you want to buy the game (and your PC can run it adequately). The only way for fans to obtain the content will be to purchase the title through Valve's digital distribution platform before May 1, 2018, with the deal presumably set to expire thereafter. These shirts actually have in-game benefits, from increasing strength to improving health recovery. Finally, if you grab the game via Origin, you get a special set of auto decals by preordering ahead of March 6. Console owners interested in this version can upgrade to the Royal Edition.