F1: Vettel praises Ferrari's "attention to detail" with SF71H

  • F1: Vettel praises Ferrari's

F1: Vettel praises Ferrari's "attention to detail" with SF71H

EQ Power+ refers to Merc's ongoing hybrid model strategy, and we're told that over 7,000 "drawn parts" have been built, and more than 40,000 components have been through "non-destructive testing inspection".

The Ferrari Formula 1 team revealed the SF71H on Thursday, and it's the auto the Tifosi hope will end four years of Mercedes dominance.

"I think we need to look after the driver's safety, but what we have implemented is aesthetically not appealing and we need to come up with a solution that simply looks better". "The team are waiting for us to say how the vehicle feels so we can't wait to get on to the track and see how it performs and how it behaves".

The car's livery has less white sections than its predecessors, with Ferrari seemingly veering back towards its traditional red livery, while the SF71H is the first vehicle not to feature Santander as a sponsor, following the Spanish financial giant's decision during past year to pull the plug on their Formula 1 involvement.

"But for sure, the amount of effort that's gone in - the attention to detail in so many areas that I asked and they explained to me, it's impressive". The Halo weighs around 7 Kg, plus fittings and this has only been partly compensated for with an increase of 5 Kg - from 728 to 733 - to the minimum auto weight set in the 2018 regulations.

"We have kept the aggressive concepts". "I felt comfortable straightaway".

A big Silverstone shakedown for 2018's big F1 auto: the one everyone has to beat. "It matters to feel comfortable, which I did".

"Now is obviously the time you see the auto and it's all ready", he said.

Seeing the auto gleaming under the spotlights on Thursday made Vettel all the more keen to be able to put the SF71H through its paces. "Not just during the offseason or winter but even very early during last season, starting the new project and to stand here now (surrounded by the team) is very special".