Woman arrested for leaving abusive note for ambulance

  • Woman arrested for leaving abusive note for ambulance

Woman arrested for leaving abusive note for ambulance

The note was shared online by paramedic Katie Tudor who said that the crew also received "a load of verbal abuse".

'I couldn't give a shit if the whole street collapses.

A woman has been arrested in connection with an angry note telling an ambulance driver to "I don't give a shit. move your van".

Kirsty Sharman, 26, scrawled the message on a scrap of paper and tucked it under the back windscreen wiper and swore at paramedics as they attended a 999 call in Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent.

The woman, from Tunstall, was arrested on suspicion of public order offences and remains in police custody. "She accepts her behavior was completely unacceptable".

"We have a zero-tolerance policy towards people who abuse our staff whilst trying to help patients in their hour of need".

The abuse was not initially reported to Staffordshire Police, who made a decision to take action after seeing the details of the incident doing the rounds on Twitter.

Paramedic Katie Tudor tweeted a picture of the note saying 'So upset to be sent this by one of our crews this morning!'

The foul-mouthed missive was left on a West Midlands ambulance that was parked in a residential lot in Stoke-on-Trent in Staffordshire, England, Metro UK reported.

"Our staff will only block roads or park in front of drives if absolutely necessary in the interests of patient care", the spokesman said in a statement.

Sharman was charged after the social media plea by West Midlands Ambulance Service staff.

She later added: 'They weren't blocking the road, they were in a parking space. just obviously annoying someone that an ambo was outside their property'.

This is a sad sign of the times, where paramedics, going about their jobs are being abused for the most minor of inconveniences.

"As a Trust we welcome Staffordshire Police's swift response to this incident and the arrest of the woman".

In addition to the 37-word note, the ambulance service said that she was verbally abusive.