Korea to decide on new dates for Olympics-delayed joint drills

  • Korea to decide on new dates for Olympics-delayed joint drills

Korea to decide on new dates for Olympics-delayed joint drills

Asked for his assessment of the PyeongChang Olympics being hosted by the South, the sole North Korean member of the International Olympic Committee said the Games achieved a "perfect score", adding that they have also been successful in providing a chance to demonstrate harmony among all Korean people.

The report, a copy of which was seen by the Financial Times, did not clarify whether South Korea would host the annual Foal Eagle field training exercises, which involve soldiers on the ground and are particularly despised by the North.

Ivanka Trump, a senior White House adviser, is scheduled to arrive in Seoul on Friday and lead the US delegation in the Winter Games' closing ceremony on Sunday.

The US and South Korea announced on Tuesday that drills would resume after the Olympics.

The proposal, if put forward, would need consent from the South Korean unification ministry.

The annual US-South Korea military exercises have been a flash point of fiery North Korean criticism.

South Korea's first lady Kim Jung-sook is expected to receive Trump and provide a lavish presidential-style welcome, according to reports.

As global sanctions and pressure against Pyongyang's nuclear program continues, fewer countries are welcoming North Korean passport holders, the Voice of America's Korean service reported Tuesday.

North Korean officials made a decision to withdraw from a secret meeting with Vice President Mike Pence after he said the United States was planning to impose the "most aggressive" sanctions yet on the reclusive country.

He promised to work to use the momentum from the Olympics to promote a dialogue between Washington and Pyongyang focused on the denuclearization of the peninsula. "Once the ROK-U.S. Alliance solidifies the dates, we will publish that". According to the North Korean daily Rodong Sinmum, the USA was aiming at ending a thaw in inter-Korean relations immediately after the Olympic flame goes out and is agitating to resume its military drills with Seoul right after the Games close. "Our delegation's visit to South Korea is only to take part in the Olympics and hail its successful holding".